Commitment to sustainable development is in Valeo’s genes, and can be seen at every level of the Group. This commitment is a way of driving progress in line with our global strategy to win new customers and secure future growth.

A commitment shared by everyone

un engagement partagé par tous

Valeo’s commitment to sustainable development concerns all of the Group’s employees, as well as its customers and suppliers. This support from all parties is essential, because we can only perform well with everyone’s commitment.

A commitment shared by all

Valeo and its commitment towards the Global Compact

Signatory of the Global Compact since 2004, Valeo is commited to support the 10 principles of the Global Compact and publishes yearly its Communication on Progress.

Valeo's Global Compact 2015 Communication on Progress (COP) report



Whether with regard to reducing CO2 emissions, cutting energy used at our plants, managing and recycling waste, or protecting biodiversity, Valeo sets itself ambitious targets.

Environmental commitment

Social commitment

Engagement social

Valeo considers its employees to be its most valuable asset. Its human resources policy is therefore firmly focused on unlocking their full potential.

Social commitment

Societal commitment

Sociétal commitment

Valeo’s societal commitment can be seen in the way it involves itself in local communities – sharing its skills, supporting people suffering from the aftermath of serious events, researching mobility and sustainable transport, etc.

Societal commitment

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