Valeo Group | 2 Apr, 2020 | 1 min


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Valeo’s absolute priority is to protect its employees’ health and to limit the risk of transmission in the workplace for those whose mission requires them to be present, in order to honor the orders of our automaker customers who are still operating.

Employee safety

As early as December, Valeo had put measures in place to limit travel to and from areas affected by the pandemic, intensifying its response as the situation evolved. Home office working has now been implemented wherever possible. At the same time, to guarantee the safety of employees who must be present in the workplace, all necessary measures have been put in place at every Valeo site around the world. In France, Valeo has signed a majority Group-wide agreement with the CFE-CGC, CFDT and FO labor organizations, with the dual goal of ensuring maximum protection for employees and allowing operations to be gradually resumed.

Solidarity with hospitals

All around the world, Valeo is supporting hospitals and health care teams that are fighting the pandemic. Tens of thousands of masks, goggles, protective caps and gowns have been donated to hospitals and other medical facilities. Solidarity initiatives have also been launched directly by our teams: our Spanish colleagues are producing masks and protective visors for hospitals in the Zaragoza and Martos regions; and Valeo nurses from our French sites that have temporarily ceased operations are volunteering their services to their local hospitals, among other initiatives. In France, the Group joined forces with the Fondation de France by launching a call for solidarity with its employees to help healthcare workers, researchers and the most vulnerable and isolated people. In total, more than 180,000 euros were donated by more than 170 people. To participate in the solidarity effort: Fondation de France – Valeo donations.

Solidarity from the automotive industry

Valeo is part of a consortium led by Air Liquide, set up to respond to the French Government’s request to supply 10,000 respirators in 50 days, from early April to mid-May. Within this task force, Valeo is providing support to the Air Liquide teams in four areas. A team of Valeo buyers is in charge of supplier management and the procurement of the components needed to produce respirators. R&D teams are providing technical support in plastics, mechanical and electronic technologies. Engineers specialized in wide-scale industrial production are helping to organize the accelerated production of the respirators. And finally, around 20 engineers and technicians have volunteered to respond to the demand for accelerated production.

At the same time, Valeo is preparing for the resumption of operations following a strict safety and business protocol that will be applied as soon as the situation allows.

Together we will beat the Covid-19 pandemic.