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At Valeo Investor Day 2017, held on February 28, 2017 in London, Valeo announced that the Group is aiming to continue and accelerate its growth strategy and set new financial objectives through 2021.

These new objectives include:

  • sales of over 27 billion euros
  • an operating margin (as a percentage of sales) of around 9%
  • and free cash flow of 3.7 billion euros from 2017-2021 (representing twice the level recorded over the 2012-2016 period of 2 billion euros)

Watch the deferred webcast of Valeo Investor Day, 2017

Jacques Aschenbroich - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Christophe Périllet - Chief Operating Officer
Robert Charvier - Chief Financial Officer
Maurizio Martinelli - President, Visibility Systems Business Group
Marc Vrecko - President, Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems
Xavier Dupont - President, Powertrain Systems Business Group
Francisco Moreno - President, Thermal Systems Business Group
Valeo Investor Day 2017 - London
Valeo Investor Day 2017 - London (2)
Valeo Investor Day 2017 - London (3)