John Groenen – Division Sales Manager in Helmond (Netherlands)

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Portrait of John Groenen

“Working for an innovative company like Valeo makes me grow as an individual.”

Hired as a Sales Representative in the West of the Netherlands in January 2004.

Promoted as a Trade Marketer for the Benelux in 2007. Promoted as a Key Account Manager in 2010.
Promoted as a Sales Division Director in 2012.

What are your main daily activities in your job?

John Groenen – Basically, it’s making sure the sales budget will be reached, motivate the team members, think about growth opportunities and implement them.

What makes your job challenging and why is this job important for Valeo?

J. G. – My job is challenging because I work on 13 different product lines with every channel in the aftermarket and every distribution level. Furthermore, I have the responsibility for three different countries (Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg).

And what are the associated attitudes or behaviors for this job?

J. G. – You must be honest, enthusiastic, structured, flexible & act as a team player. It’s also important to keep your promises, admit your mistakes, listen carefully, stick to deadlines and have perfect & efficient communication.

Could you talk about the achievement(s) you are the most proud of since you have joined Valeo?

J. G. – 140 Halford stores are now equipped with Valeo Wipers. These products will be exposed to the 16 million Halfords customers in The Netherlands. Every citizen of The Netherlands is visiting a Halfords store once a year. The internet site of Halfords has 15.000 to 20.000 hits a day. And for the future, it gives Valeo to be more visible in the Halford stores.

What would you say about Valeo to a possible candidate?

J. G. – Working for an innovative company like Valeo makes me grow as an individual.