As world population is jumping dramatically, cities are growing ever bigger and busier. This constant growth comes with challenges: how to preserve the environment and guarantee sustainable living conditions in such a context? Legislators are clear: clean energy and smart mobility are no longer options. As more and more laws are being passed to incite CO2 emissions reduction, Valeo’s engineers have developped a whole range of devices such as the 48 and 12V systems that are adapted to all types of vehicles. Whether you need to hybridize your current vehicle or wish to purchase a brand new all-electric one, we develop the technologies that make cleaner mobility possible. Furthermore, we focus on making these devices affordable so that greener cars can become massively accessible. The electric vehicle revolution is silent but well underway. Do you wish to join us to develop the electric, cleaner car of tomorrow?  Follow this link and discover a wealth of positions available at Valeo!