Valeo Prague R&D Center – Policy of Integrated Management System

Quality, health, safety and environment management systems are the basics for business success of our company, satisfied and protected workers, protected environment and finally satisfied customers.

We achieve this by:

  • our measurable corporate culture that manifests itself in the Valeo 5 Axes with clear targets and ethics/ compliance rules, which are implemented by all workers in all areas and levels,
  • consistent process management in all functions according to law, customer and Valeo standards,
  • our target analysis and measures for continuous improvement and defect prevention in all areas (quality, health, safety and environment protection),
  • systematic development of competence and expertise of our employees in a transparent, well-being and safe working environment without accidents, injuries, hazards and via elimination of any health and safety risks,
  • our consistent project management to control the development and production of high quality products with consideration of risk and opportunity analysis at each milestone,
  • our definition and worldwide implementation of quality standards in each individual product line,
  • our independent laboratory, where validation activities are managed by qualified/ competent, impartial and independent laboratory manager and team members

Every single worker contributes to the assurance and improvement of our quality, health and safety standards and management system through his/ her personal performance and via management commitment to consult and participate these subjects with workers and workers’ representatives anytime is required.

Our common goal is to achieve “zero defects attitude” in all areas.