Rain-light humidity sensor

The multifunctional sensor on the windshield.

Sensors which automatically control wipers are increasingly fitted as standard on modern vehicles. Valeo, one of the leading suppliers of rain sensors, has developed this technology further to create a truly multifunctional sensor.

In addition to making things easier for the driver, the aim is to make driving safer and reduce fuel consumption. The sensor not only measures the volume of rain: it also automatically activates and deactivates low-beam lamps depending on ambient light levels. Tunnel entrances are recognized in advance, so that lights are turned on in time.

Another function of the sensor is that it measures the temperature and relative humidity at the windshield and accurately assesses the risk of misting up.

By intelligently controlling the air-conditioning, this can be prevented even before the driver is aware of impaired visibility. In addition to clear vision improving safety, the sensor also helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by ensuring the intelligent use of the air-conditioning compressor. In addition, the humidity inside the vehicle can be controlled more precisely, thus improving the well-being and concentration of the driver, particularly on long stretches.

Valeo has combined all these functions in a single sensor, which is so small that it can be integrated almost invisibly into the mirror arm.