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Want the future? Valeo offers students jobs with career prospects!

Open to countries, people, adventure?

Valeo employs nearly 113,600 people in 33 countries worldwide with 186 locations, 59 research and development centres and 15 distribution centres. The company has the space to demonstrate its intercultural and social skills. As part of their training, our apprentices also spend a month at a partner company where people in need of assistance live and work. There, our trainees learn tolerance and patience, maintain machines or often venture into the field of care and support. This is an additional qualification on the social level à la Valeo.

If the decision for a profession has not yet been made, we help in the form of internships. After all, it is not easy to decide on a career path right after school. That’s why Valeo offers internships for students. To get girls and young women interested in technical careers in particular, Valeo regularly holds a Girls’ Day and the Girls’ Day Academy.

Valeo booth at an automotive exhibiton

We actively participate in career fairs and automotive events. Visitors are welcome to our regular open day events.

You want to meet and chat with your potential future colleagues? Check out our calendar of events. We look forward to seeing you.

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