Valeo partner of Vivatech

Vivatech Paris, 16-18th May 2019: a global platform for innovating together

For the fourth year in a row, Valeo will attend Viva Technology, a world-leading event bringing together 10,000 startups with key investors, tech and industry players.

Valeo @VivaTech - Best-of 2018

Vivatech is a celebration of collaboration and innovation where participants explore the use of technology and bright ideas to transform business and society. As a pioneer of game-changing solutions for the automotive world, Valeo has put innovation at the heart of its development strategy. The Group continuously nurtures its startup spirit with autonomous and creative teams around the world. At Vivatech, Valeo will present its latest innovations and will exhibit its Automotive Tech Lab, a place enabling open innovation between the company, its partners and innovative startups.

This year, Valeo will ask 30 selected worldwide startups to address three key challenges: offering new mobility services; redefining the user experience; and developing new solutions for fleet management.

The Valeo Challenges:

Every year at Vivatech, Valeo collaborates with startups to find solutions to important developments in the auto sector. This year, the Challenges are:


New mobility services

As the urban population grows alongside the need to reduce pollution, new solutions have to be developed to deploy fleets of electric and/or autonomous vehicles to transport people or for the ‘last mile’ delivery of goods.


Redefining the user experience

The types of mobility services are constantly evolving (carsharing, ride hailing, public transport, etc.), so what will we do during our transport time and how will we use vehicles going forward? For each new use cases, the user experience will be different.


New solutions for fleet vehicles

Better using the power of Big Data from connected vehicles can help fleet operators maximize their utilization and occupancy, while minimizing their energy consumption. The creation of personalized optimization solutions should also be explored.


Startup Flow

This year, Valeo will also host “Startup Flow” which has developed a monitoring tool to support the Group in its open innovation approach. To know more