Working at Valeo Germany

At Valeo, we strive to create a workplace based on ethics, transparency, empowerment, professionalism and teamwork.

Our employees and their well-being are at the heart of our business and we believe in creating respectful and inclusive workplaces based on these values.

We develop the technology for tomorrow’s automobile – what about your development?

Valeo is a company that uses the opportunities of the times to shape the future in the best possible way. Just as important as driving technical innovation is the personal development of our employees. With new ideas, the desire to be a pioneer in your field and the necessary responsibility, Valeo gives you the ideal conditions to develop.

Jobs in Germany


Our biggest sites

Get to know our biggest sites and all the different products we produce and develop at the German sites at Valeo.

At our Site in Bietigheim-Bissingen we develop and produce Wiper systems for premium and economic cars.
In Bietigheim we develop steering column switch modules, individual switches, steering angle, torque sensors and systems for environment detection based on ultrasonic, radar, camera and lidar.

Our Corporate Culture

Encouraging diversity, including gender diversity, is an important part of our culture and one of the keys to our success. We make Valeo a great place to join, work, learn, develop and grow for men and women alike, thus building and retaining a solid and talented workforce for Valeo.

Our core values

Our culture is based on five values which define who we are and our corporate culture on a daily basis all around the world.


- Treating every individual with the respect they deserve - Supporting sustainable development - Having irreproachable business and professional conduct


- Always acting in compliance with rules and regulations - Openly sharing information, whether good or bad


- Being accountable and responsible at all levels of the organization - A proven track record in improvement proposals


- Imagining and preparing for the future through agility and innovation - Speaking with integrity and backed by data - Being people and results oriented


- Sharing know-how with colleagues - Building synergies across teams - Helping each other

The “5 Axes”

The “5 Axes” methodology for customer satisfaction is central to our culture of operational excellence at Valeo. The axes cover all working processes that have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. They are:

The 5 Axes For customer satisfaction

Total Quality

Valeo Production System (VPS)

Supplier Integration

Involvement of Personnel

Product Development

Total Quality

To meet customer expectations in terms of product and service quality, everyone, employees and suppliers, must deliver total quality.

Valeo Production System (VPS)

Valeo has developed its own production system which implements a set of methods, tools and state-of-the-art production processes within a working environment that promotes quality, performance and employee motivation.

Supplier Integration

In order to deliver the highest quality products and services while remaining competitive, Valeo has set up a supplier base integrating the most efficient suppliers in terms of innovation, quality, cost, delivery and risk management.

Involvement of Personnel

Operational excellence cannot be achieved without the ongoing commitment of all of the Group's employees. Valeo, therefore, implements processes aimed at creating a safe working environment that fosters employee well-being.

Product Development

To develop its products and systems, Valeo’s highly qualified Research and Development teams work within an optimal organizational structure that combines professional skills and product expertise with first-rate methodology and best-in-class project management tools aimed at ensuring product robustness and competitiveness.

What unites our employees:

  • We are a global company with offices in 33 countries around the world – mobility, cultural openness and English as a common language are indispensable.
  • Quality is an elementary component of our products and services. In order to be able to guarantee this, it is necessary to work in a result-oriented manner, oriented to the needs of our customers with professional project management.
  • Our success is based on the cooperation of various experts. This works perfectly due to their flexibility in changing circumstances and their interpersonal skills to achieve the best solution in the team.
  • Transparency is Valeo’s hallmark. Thanks to our career path, every employee can see his or her next career move. Take a look at the development opportunities at Valeo.
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