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[THE FUTURE, TODAY] – Episode 5 Thanks to the debugging feature of the Valeo Clean4U Remote technology, your vehicle will automatically wash away the insects stuck to the windshield in less than 3 minutes.
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With more than 113,600 employees operating in 186 production units, 15 distribution platforms and 59 R&D centers,…
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#Valeo ’s success story started in 1923 in a workshop near Paris. 96 years later, the Group became a world-leading…
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[THE FUTURE, TODAY] – Episode 4With Valeo InBlue®, you’ll be able to store your car key in your smartphone and communicate with your vehicle via a virtual key secured in the MovInBlue® platform. The system offers a wide range of functionalities such as remotely checking the tire pressure, the fuel level or even the last location parked.
Relive the US tour of the partially automated car #Valeo Cruise4U. Through the use of on-board sensors and the Vale…
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[THE FUTURE, TODAY] – Episode 3 In large cities, breathing in polluted air is part of the car commuter’s daily routine. Valeo Oxy’Zen technology filters the air and eliminates 98% of ultrafine particles in the vehicle’s cabin.
[THE FUTURE, TODAY] – Episode 2 Valeo partnered with the start-up CloudMade to pave the way towards a better relationship between drivers and their vehicle. Based on machine learning, it can learn from the passenger’s habits and create a specific and personalized interface. For example, choosing the perfect playlist for the road.
[THE FUTURE, TODAY] – Episode 1 Teletransportation sounds like a fantasy? With Valeo Voyage XR you can travel with your family while sitting comfortably at home. Thanks to a VR helmet and controllers, virtually join your friends on their car ride.
City streets are unpredictable and not the easiest testing ground for autonomous vehicles, but Valeo had no qualms taking up the challenge. With its impressive range of sensors, the Valeo Drive4U was the first autonomous car to be successfully tested on the busy streets of Paris.
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