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Valeo PictureBeam™ Monolithic for safer mobility

Valeo PictureBeam™ Monolithic is a high resolution lighting system based on innovative, efficient and high performance technology, which won first prize for the Valeo Group in the Safety category of the CLEPA Innovation Awards. Enhanced safety, optimal visibility, comfortable on the eye – especially at night – are the benefits this unique technology offers its users.

Improved lighting – a major leverage for enhanced road safety

According to ITALDA 2018, 72% of fatal road accidents happen at night when visibility is reduced. Lighting quality therefore plays a vital role in bringing down the number of accidents: better lighting means fewer accidents.

The 4,000 pixels that make up each Valeo PictureBeam™ Monolithic headlamp not only light the road ahead, but also enable the driver to remain on full-beam continually without dazzling other drivers, pedestrians or cyclists.

Precision lighting – each pixel acts independently

Valeo’s PictureBeam™ Monolithic technology controls the intensity and flux of the light emitted by each individual pixel to provide precisely the right amount required. In this way the unique glare-free system provides precision lighting in all situations and in complete safety. The headlamps automatically adjust the intensity of light projected onto road signs to prevent dazzle to the driver and onto other road users to alert the driver to their presence. Directional lighting, linked to the movement of the steering wheel, is a related function that is offered for driving in bends, where precision lighting provided by the pixels and a wide field of view makes for improved visibility on the sides of the road.

Lighting of the future – a safe and stress-free communication tool

Valeo PictureBeam™ Monolithic is the only technology on the market that combines high performance lighting with image projection, improving safety for all road users. The headlamps can project lines on the road that show the width of the vehicle and its trajectory, thus helping the driver negotiate road works, for instance. They are also able to communicate with other road users, in particular cyclists, by projecting a signal on the road, indicating the driver’s intention to turn.

The unmatched performance of Valeo’s PictureBeam™ Monolithic is revolutionising lighting: optimal visibility for the driver, while remaining mindful of the safety and comfort of other road users – motor vehicles and bikes, pedestrians and cyclists.

Valeo’s PictureBeam™ Monolithic not only renders visible but also enables communication.

Lighting that enlights!

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