Heavy commercial vehicles

The three revolutions sweeping through the automotive industry are also affecting the commercial vehicle sector. Electrical systems are now an integral part of mechanics; driving assistance systems are increasingly commonplace, and digital solutions are leading to the development of new features and new uses.

At the heart of these three revolutions, Valeo offers technological innovations that fulfill the needs and expectations of transportation players, reducing usage costs while increasing safety and comfort for operators.



Valeo gear motor generator

As the world leader in the reduction of CO2 emissions, Valeo makes electrical systems such as the Valeo 48-volt starter-alternator which is contributing to the growth in hybrid vehicles for cleaner mobility solutions that emit less CO2.

The most effective transmissions systems as well as better management of thermal flows (battery cooling for electric vehicles and cabin comfort) are also helping to reduce fuel consumption and are thereby leading to greater vehicle autonomy.

Valeo scala laser scanner with Valeo logo

Valeo makes the widest range of sensors in the automotive industry. These include ultrasonic sensors, cameras, radars and LiDARs, which act like eyes and ears for vehicles.

Specific sensors adapted to heavy-duty vehicles are designed to improve safety by scanning the interior and exterior of the vehicle. They are also helping to drive the growth of increasingly autonomous vehicles.

Valeo inBlue technology demo

Thanks to its digital virtual key, Valeo InBlue™, Valeo is making vehicle sharing easier and more secure, boosting it to an unprecedented level. Valeo InBlue™ gives fleet managers digital functionality from accessing the vehicle to returning it, doing away with constraints due to having to physically hand over keys from one user to the next (between two drivers of the same truck, for example).