Safe mobility relies on lighting to see and be seen. Mobility depends on lighting and wipers, in all weather conditions, day and night.

The Valeo Light Division offers technologies that enhance vehicle visibility for drivers and other road users. The ongoing mobility revolution is accompanied by increased demand for these systems, with electric vehicles providing new opportunities in lighting design, and advanced vehicles requiring clean sensors to accurately collect data about their environment.

Portrait of Maurizio Martinelli

The Valeo Light division designs and produces innovative systems for lighting, wipers, and sensor cleaning. We are proud that our technologies highlight the identity of vehicles and create efficient, safe, and durable systems that make travel more enjoyable under all driving conditions.

CEO of Valeo Light Division & Group Executive Vice President

Maurizio Martinelli

Valeo Light offers the most advanced exterior and interior lighting solutions in terms of design and functionality. It also develops solutions that allow light to reach the driver or sensors without distortion, thanks to wiper and sensor cleaning systems. Combined with innovative equipment, Valeo Light’s software enhances safety and further personalizes vehicles. Valeo Light corresponds to the former Visibility Systems division. Maurizio Martinelli has been appointed President of Valeo Light.


Projected value of the visibility systems market in 2030


Growth of the visibility systems market between 2022 and 2030

Did you know?

Valeo ranks number one worldwide in lighting systems. Around 25% of new vehicles in Europe are fitted with Valeo technology.

Valeo Light Division Key Figures (at end December 2023)

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Lighting Systems

Valeo, and its alliance with Japanese lighting specialist Ichikoh, designs interior and exterior lighting solutions tailored to meet all automaker model requirements. From the latest adaptive lighting technologies to intuitive interior lighting solutions to stylish and design-centric external lighting, Valeo constantly innovates to improve comfort and safety for drivers and passengers alike.

From innovative interior and exterior lighting solutions (headlamps and lights), to LED lights and non-blinding “road” beams, each solution addresses the needs and market trends of cars, while ensuring clear visibility and the safety of drivers.

Wiper Systems

A clear and impeccable view of the road is essential for road safety. The Wiper Systems Product Group develops cutting-edge technologies which clean windshields, rear windows and optical sensors to constantly offer drivers and autonomous cars an excellent visibility. These solutions are designed not only for increased comfort and safety, but also reduced weight thereby reducing CO2 emissions.