New Smart front & Rear Fascias

The automotive world is in constant evolution, and even more recently with the major trends which are electrification and automation. This will change many aspects of a vehicle system, with extension of lighting and sensing systems to the whole fascia.

Automotive fascias, a real vision of the future of lighting and signaling

Electrification and automation pull changes of the vehicle front and rear fascia. Now light can extend to any area of the vehicle to create new signatures. With the combination of sensing systems, lighting will communicate for more safety, driving and comfort assistance.

The New Smart Front and Rear Fascias by Valeo offer innovative systems for the future of lighting and signaling on sustainable mobility and open the doors to endless new possibilities: create emotion and new language for a safer mobility.

Our portfolio comprises animated and high definition elements like

  • central to full width appliqué
  • central radiator grilles & panels
  • the brand logo standalone or integrated
  • Pixelated or OLED devices,
  • TI road projection
  • Monolithic picturebeam 20K for roadwriting

Personalized entertainment and communication light in fascias

With its expertise in lighting and electronics, Valeo can build your own vehicle experience.
We design and produce new illuminated solutions for a seamless integration within vehicle fascias and offering communication capabilities.

These Valeo innovations benefit the vulnerable road user (VRU) safety and could further integrate smart ADAS functionalities.

Autonomous vehicle sensors in fascias

At the same time, the development of autonomous driving functionalities requires more sensors all around the vehicle, especially on front and rear faces. Upon brand strategy, designers may want to hide or integrate these unaesthetic sensors, or on the contrary highlight them. In both cases, it makes sense to integrate them with lighting devices, which will also optimize the system aspects without impacting performance.

Vehicle automation will also require more communicating light, this will be possible thanks to the adapted electronic and optical solutions for low and high definition systems.

The Fascias include all our latest innovations in lighting and signaling, whilst providing a seamless integration and appealing design.