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Accelerating today in tomorrow’s key mobility markets


The automotive industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in its history. Megatrends ranging from greater electrification to more intuitive driving assistance, a reinvented interior experience and the increasingly important role of lighting are set to become even more prominent in the coming years. With its Move Up plan, Valeo is accelerating to make the most of these four key markets. Valeo already has technological and industrial leadership in these domains and is set to come out one of the biggest winners of the transformation.

On February 25, 2022, Christophe Périllat, Valeo’s Chief Executive Officer, launched the Move Up plan, a strategy covering the 2022-2025 period and which is part of a long-term vision for cleaner and safer mobility.

“Move Up means building a Group that is technologically stronger and ideally positioned, and accelerating in electrification, ADAS, reinvention of the interior experience and lighting everywhere,” said Christophe Périllat, Chief Executive Officer of Valeo. “Move Up means capitalizing today on tomorrow’s mobility.”

Post-2025, the electrification and ADAS/SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) markets will experience hyper-growth to reach 150 billion euros and 100 billion euros, respectively, in 2030.

Thanks to Move Up, Valeo will be ideally positioned to leverage this growth with cutting-edge technologies, a robust financial performance and cash generation that will guarantee strong value creation.

Valeo’s sales should therefore total around 25 billion euros in 2025. In the original equipment market, Valeo is aiming to outperform the market by more than 5 percentage points. 

Valeo’s growth model is based on the four megatrends shaping tomorrow’s automotive industry:

  • Acceleration of electrification
  • Acceleration of ADAS
  • Reinvention of the interior experience
  • Lighting everywhere

Acceleration of electrification

As the world leader in the electrification of powertrain systems and number two in thermal management systems that ensure the performance and range of electric vehicles, Valeo is doubly well-positioned to benefit from the accelerated shift to electric vehicles.

Thanks to the integration of Valeo Siemens eAutomotive, Valeo will move up to the next level by creating an even more innovative, more competitive electrification champion with its full range of low- and high-voltage technologies.

The combination of its expertise in low-voltage, high-voltage and electric thermal solutions makes Valeo a champion of electric mobility.

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Acceleration of ADAS

Valeo is the world leader in driving assistance, equipping one out of every three new cars in the world. Valeo has all the technologies needed to support the acceleration of this market, including sensors, software, data fusion and a “brain” that enables the vehicle to make the right decisions.

Valeo has extensive technological and industrial expertise in ADAS, enabling it to produce ever more efficient solutions at optimal cost. Valeo has sold more than 1.5 billion ADAS sensors over the past 30 years and plans to sell more than 3 billion sensors over the next 5 years.

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Reinvention of the interior experience

The Group has the hardware and software needed to meet passenger demands for a safer, more immersive and more connected driving experience. Thanks to its market-aligned solutions, Valeo plans to take full advantage of growth opportunities in “Reinvention of the interior experience.”

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Lighting everywhere

With the development of electric and autonomous vehicles, lighting is set to play a major role in helping cars stand out with their own unique style. Thanks to sophisticated technologies, lighting can offer new features such as road projection,improved communication between the vehicle and its environment, and custom lighting design for automakers.

As world leader in interior and exterior visibility, Valeo aims to leverage its expertise to make this trend a profitable growth driver.

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