We are building an artificial intelligence research center for automotive applications based in the center of Paris, a project started in 2017 to conduct ambitious research projects, regarding assisted and autonomous driving

Multi-sensor perception

Automated driving relies first on a diverse range of sensors, like Valeo’s cameras, LiDARs, radars and ultrasonics. Exploiting at best the outputs of each of these sensors at any instant is fundamental to understand the complex environment of the vehicle. To this end, we explore various deep learning approaches where sensors are considered both in isolation and collectively.


Domain adaptation

Deep learning and reinforcement learning are key technologies for autonomous driving. One of the challenges they face is to adapt to conditions which differ from those met during training. To improve systems’ performance in such situations, we explore so-called domain adaption techniques, as in AdvEnt, our project presented at CVPR 2019.

Uncertainty estimation

When the unexpected happens, when the weather badly degrades, when a sensor gets blocked, the embarked perception system should diagnose the situation and react accordingly, e.g, by calling an alternative system or the human driver. With this in mind, we investigate automatic ways to assess the uncertainty of a system and to predict its performance.


Meet our team

  • Research Scientist Hedi Ben-younes

    Research Scientist

    Deep Learning | Vision and Language | Visual reasoning

    Supelec | Heuritech | SorbonneU

    Kebab practitioner

  • Research Scientist Andrei Bursuc

    Research Scientist

    Machine Learning | Computer Vision | Visual Search | Autonomous systems

    Politehnica | Mines | Inria | Safran

    Random walker


  • PHD student Charles Corbière

    PHD student

    Deep Learning | Computer Vision | Uncertainty

    Centrale | ParisSaclay | Heuritech | Earthcube | CNAM

    Self-supervised disc-jokey


  • Principal scientist Matthieu Cord

    Principal scientist

    Deep Learning | Computer Vision | Vision and Language

    Enseirb | CergyU | KULeuven | Ensea | CNRS | SorbonneU | IUF

    Top chef


  • Research Scientist Spyros Gidaris

    Research Scientist

    Deep Learning | Computer Vision

    AUTH | Cortexica | ENPC

    Life-loving epicurean


  • Research Scientist David Hurych
    OK David-Hurych

    Research Scientist

    Machine Learning | Computer Vision | Generative Networks

    CTU-Prague | NII-Tokyo

    Curious being

  • Research Scientist Himalaya Jain

    Research Scientist

    Deep Learning | Computer Vision

    IIIT-H | Technicolor | Inria

    Keen explorer


  • HR Partner Pascal Le Hérissé

    HR Partner

    Panthéon-Sorbonne | Marriott | Saint-Gobain | Faurecia

    MisChief of Staff

  • Principal scientist Renaud Marlet
    Renaud Marlet (2)

    Principal scientist

    Computer Vision | Photogrammetry | Geometry Processing

    X | Inria | EdinburgU | Simulog | Inria | TrustedLogic | Inria | ENPC

    Persistent eclectist


  • PHD student Arthur Ouaknine

    PHD student

    Deep Learning | Machine Learning | Signal Processing

    Panthéon-Sorbonne | Telecom | Zyl | Telecom

    Creative traveller

  • Scientific Director Patrick Pérez

    Scientific Director

    Machine Learning | Computer Vision | Computational Imaging | Signal & Image Processing

    Centrale | Inria | BrownU | Inria | Microsoft | Inria |Technicolor

    Passionate reader


  • Research Scientist Julien Rebut

    Research Scientist

    Deep Learning | Computer Vision

    INSA | ValeoVS | ValeoCDA

    Snow lover

  • PHD student Simon Roburin

    PHD student

    Deep Learning | Machine Learning | Applied Mathematics | Generalization

    Centrale | Prophesee | ENPC

    Brownian mover

  • PHD student Antoine Saporta

    PHD student

    Deep Learning | Computer Vision | Domain Adaptation

    X | TU-Munich | SorbonneU

    Adaptive mind

  • PhD Student Marin Toromanoff

    PhD Student

    Reinforcement Learning

    Supelec | Mines

    Reinforcement learner

  • PHD student Huy Van Vo

    PHD student

    Computer Vision | Machine Learning

    X | Technicolor | MVA | NYU | Inria

    Hard thinker

  • Research scientist Tuan-Hung Vu

    Research scientist

    Deep Learning | Computer Vision

    Telecom | Inria | NEC

    Protein lover


Recent Activities

illus-12_411x224_acf_cropped researchers present eight papers, including 4 orals at the premier annual computer vision conference in June 2019.


Himalaya Jain, researcher at, receives the Best Thesis Prize from Rennes 1 Foundation in April 2019.


Spyros Gidaris, researcher at, receives the Best Thesis Prize from Ponts Foundation in June 2019.


Valeo is proud to be part of Prairie, the new Paris Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Institute – May 2019.


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