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Working at Valeo

Thanks to its strategy focused on innovation, Valeo is at the heart of the three revolutions which are disrupting the automotive sector: electrification, autonomous and connected cars, and digital mobility.

These are revolutions that Valeo has been able to anticipate and which today provide amazing career opportunities, including internationally !

At Valeo, innovation is driven by the diversity, authenticity and energy of its talent. Are you looking for new technological and human adventures ? Join Valeo and its 111,600 employees across 33 countries !

new employees each year in the next 5 years

Bruno Guillemet
Group Human Resources Senior Vice-President, Valeo

We are pleased to bring in new talent who is ready for an exciting experience building the car of the future.

As a major local player in communities around the world, Valeo is also strongly committed to social, societal and environmental issues which affect our stakeholders and our activities. We are committed to diversity and gender balance not only as a question of social responsibility, but also as a way of boosting overall performance. At December 31, 2017, women represented 32.9% of the Group’s workforce and we continue to seek broader diversity at all levels.

of employees are women


Hiring: a long-term investment

We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. Our human resources policy is therefore focused on developing our employees’ full potential. With this long-term vision in mind, we attract and retain talents by putting in place a clear process for employee development, training and internal mobility. Therefore, we look for candidates who wish to grow in their career with us. We look for the following characteristics in potential Valeo employees:

  • Growth potential: someone with the desire and willpower to progress and expand his/her scope of competencies
  • Language competencies, with proficiency in English
  • Open to geographical mobility

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Your career in Valeo

Access training and develop competencies

Formation Work at Valeo Shanghai0166To stay globally competitive and attractive as an employer, we believe in improving employees’ competencies through training that reflects both the needs of the Group and employees’ career development goals, which are outlined during annual reviews. We provide our employees with training options that accommodate time constraints and different travel schedules, and adapt to each employee’s own learning pace.

Fostering a culture of learning everywhere in Valeo is our top priority and digital learning tools are a great way to let the learner take charge of his/her own learning experience. Through these efficient, flexible and constantly updated e-learning tools, Valeo employees acquire new competencies in important areas like ethics and compliance, IT, communication and technical knowledge, which they subsequently implement in their day-to-day work. In view of Valeo’s international expansion, we also place great emphasis on language and cultural diversity training. Furthermore we enable our experts to share their knowledge via Specific Private Online Courses (SPOC) addressing a community of learners, generating richer interactions.

05_V3-022.2 million
training hours provided in 2017


Take advantage of internal and international mobility opportunities

Encouraging mobility within the Group, in all countries where we operate, is one of the founding principles of our human resources policy.

We aim to fill at least three out of four positions internally. To this end, a succession and development plan is drawn up each year, in order to identify the next stage or stages in the career path of each engineer and manager. 3,600 engineers and managers benefited from career development actions in 2016.

3 600 engineers and managers who benefited from career development opportunities


In light of Valeo’s international expansion, we offer international career opportunities to experienced managers to encourage a meeting of cultures, technologies and working methods between different countries. Valeo sends about 100 new expatriates abroad every year. The Group has also set up a center dedicated to managing international mobility.

Advance in a technical career

Besides consistent training and individual mobility, we place great importance on the recognition of technical expertise in both products and processes. Valeo Experts provide support for prospective new products and the development of industrial processes. They follow a parallel career path, with the same status as a manager and with additional technical responsibilities.

We appointed 180 new Experts in 2017, bringing the total to more than 1150.

Be part of a diversified team

Logo DiversityWe firmly believe in workplace diversity as a social responsibility and an essential tool for performance and competitiveness. It is an integral part of our culture and present at all levels and in every profession within Valeo.




The countries where Valeo has the largest number of different nationalities are:

The countries where Valeo has the largest number of different nationalities

Valeo works to promote diversity in all its forms (gender, disability, social and cultural, generational) through local policies and actions, mentoring and training programs, networks and partnerships.

Find fulfilment and well-being at work

We are committed to making sure that our employees are fulfilled in their work and fully contributing to Valeo’s performance. Implemented worldwide since 2012, our “Well-Being at Work” program assesses employee expectations about work-life balance and well-being at work via employee surveys, and then seeks to meet those expectations through improvement action plans implemented locally. The program is based on collecting best practices and sharing them across all Group sites.

In 2018, Valeo was named a “Top Employer” for the fourth year in a row in 24 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.