Working at Valeo

At Valeo, we strive to create a workplace based on ethics, transparency, empowerment, professionalism and teamwork. Our employees and their well-being are at the heart of our operations and we believe in creating respectful and inclusive workplaces founded on these values.

Key Figures (at end December 2019)

  • 0 employees

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  • 0  % of employees received training

We are pleased to bring in new talent who is ready for an exciting experience building the car of the future.

Group Human Resources Senior Vice-President, Valeo

Bruno Guillemet

Hiring: a long-term investment

We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. Our human resources policy is, therefore, focused on developing our employees’ full potential. With this long-term vision in mind, we attract and retain talents by putting in place a clear process for employee development, training and internal mobility. Therefore, we look for candidates who wish to grow in their career with us. We look for the following characteristics in potential Valeo employees:

  • Growth potential: someone with the desire and willpower to progress and expand his/her scope of competencies
  • Language competencies, with proficiency in English
  • Open to geographical mobility
  • We believe in improving employees’ competencies through training that reflects both the needs of the Group and employees’ career development goals, which are outlined during annual reviews.
  • Fostering a culture of learning everywhere in Valeo is our top priority and digital learning tools are a great way to let the learner take charge of his/her own learning experience.

Take advantage of internal and international mobility opportunities

Encouraging mobility within the Group, in all countries where we operate, is one of the founding principles of our human resources policy.

Project manager (SAP Compass project) - Asia

Goran Kozina

“The key of success is to understand and adapt yourself to each country culture, then enrich yourself on a professional point of view.”

Project manager (SAP Compass project) - Asia

Goran Kozina

Site Finance Controller - Thailand, Chonburi

Ghislaine Sanner

“With the mobility, I truly benefited from Valeo’s greatest strengths: Learning our Valeo Standards shared worldwide, building my international network, and understanding the importance of innovation regardless of the country or the Business Group.”

Site Finance Controller - Thailand, Chonburi

Ghislaine Sanner

Group IP & Talent Development Manager - Mexico

Isabelle Gigot

“My career at Valeo, made of cross-countries moves, operational & project roles, is keeping my engagement intact since Day 1!
What I enjoy the most is the opportunity to work with diverse teams, in all possible ways, and learn from each other and together!”

Group IP & Talent Development Manager - Mexico

Isabelle Gigot

Management controller - Hungary

Ranjan Rakesh

“It gave me the chance to prove my abilities and develop my career.”

Management controller - Hungary

Ranjan Rakesh

Area Manager Oceania - Australia

Patrick Hublet

“Living in another country and feeling part of the community is a key asset, for the Business but also for your daily life, especially when you are far away from your family and friends.”

Area Manager Oceania - Australia

Patrick Hublet

Advance in a technical career

Besides consistent training and individual mobility, we place great importance on the recognition of technical expertise in both products and processes. Valeo Experts provide support for prospective new products and the development of industrial processes. They follow a parallel career path, with the same status as a manager and with additional technical responsibilities.

Today, Valeo counts 1151 Experts, an increase of 23% since 2016.

Be part of a diversified team

As a major local player in communities around the world, Valeo is also strongly committed to social, societal and environmental issues which affect our stakeholders and our activities.

We firmly believe in workplace diversity as a social responsibility but also as an essential tool for performance and competitiveness. It is an integral part of our culture and present at all levels and in every profession within Valeo. At Valeo, difference is a real way of boosting overall performance.

Valeo works to promote diversity in all its forms (gender, disability, social and cultural, generational) through local policies and actions, mentoring and training programs, networks and partnerships.

Gender equality

Since 2019, a gender pay index has been calculated at Valeo Group companies based in France.

The index provides a score out of 100, and includes five key indicators that assess inequality between men and women in the workplace. The indicators are as follows: the average earnings of men and women, the difference in the rate of individual raises, the difference in the rate of promotions, the number of employees granted a raise following their maternity leave, and the number of women among the top ten highest-paid employees.

Valeo has an average score of 84/100, which reflects the Group’s ever-increasing commitment to equality and diversity. The Group continues to promote equality through an ambitious action plan rolled out in 2019 in France and internationally.


  • SC2N : 88
  • DAV : 78
  • 0  % of women

  • 0 nationalities

  • 0  % more employees with disability between 2017 and 2019


Valeo’s culture is rooted in our core values of ethics, transparency, empowerment, professionalism and teamwork as well as our 5 axes for operational excellence.

Our 5 axes for operational excellence.


Treating every individual with the respect they deserve - Supporting sustainable development - Having irreproachable business and professional conduct


Always acting in compliance with rules and regulations - Openly sharing information, whether good or bad


Being accountable and responsible at all levels of the organization - A proven track record in improvement proposals


Imagining and preparing for the future through agility and innovation - Speaking with integrity and backed by data - Being people and results oriented


Sharing know-how with colleagues - Building synergies across teams - Helping each other

We are committed to making sure that our employees are fulfilled in their work and fully contributing to Valeo’s performance. Implemented worldwide for many years, our “Well-Being at Work” program assesses employee expectations about work-life balance and well-being at work via employee surveys, and then seeks to meet those expectations through improvement action plans implemented locally. The program is based on collecting best practices and sharing them across all Group sites.