Automotive innovation at Valeo

Valeo invests in technology and human capital to create innovative products and solutions that will be the foundation of tomorrow’s vehicle - a vehicle that is intuitive and connected, autonomous, energy efficient, accessible to all and respects the environment.

Integrated solutions and innovations

Through research and development, Valeo project is to make urban mobility safer and more sustainable by designing:

  • Eco-solutions that reduce vehicle fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (like CO2)
  • Intuitive solutions that prevent accidents and improve the driving experience

This automotive innovation has resulted in our Hybrid4All system, our Electric supercharger, our Valeo Park4U® Remote technology and our Valeo InBlue®, among others.


We anticipate and respond to future consumer demands and expectations through regular in-depth and localized surveys around the world. This allows us to adapt to the specific needs of different markets and provide differentiated and value-added products to our customers in highly competitive markets.


Automotive innovation: collaborative solutions

We develop collaborative solutions through industrial and academic partnerships with universities and other automotive players. These have led to new expertise and insights, reductions in development costs, and numerous worldwide on-going research projects. As part of our open innovation approach, we started the Valeo Innovation Challenge to inspire and support students as they innovate for the car of tomorrow.