Corporate Documents

2023 Universal registration document / Integrated Report

Eight year running, valeo has elected to use integrated reporting
to present its purpose and business model.

From the vantage point of Group strategy, the report provides an overview of the mechanisms through which its financial and non-financial performance, governance and outlook within its ecosystem contribute to short-, medium- and long-term value creation.

2022 Activity and Sustainable Development Report

For a century, Valeo has been putting its capacity for innovation and industrial excellence at the service of your mobility, with the constant ambition of making it ever simpler, safer and more virtuous. We have never ceased to anticipate, to open up the road to technological possibilities and to accompany the changes in the world around us. Today, we are continuing along the same path and inventing the mobility of tomorrow every day. At the heart of the greatest transformation in the history of the sector, Valeo imagines, designs and produces the technologies essential for a mobility that is low-carbon, safer, more connected, more intelligent and better adapted to individual needs.

2021 Climate Report

This first climate report presents the commitment, trajectory, governance and actions that Valeo will deploy to accelerate its path to carbon neutrality. Its experts’ list, even more technique / specialized, details the Group’s understanding of developments linked to climate change and presents its current understanding of the risks and opportunities, in line with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)**. This first climate report also inaugurates a new meeting with Valeo’s stakeholders, in line with the traditional transparency for which the Group is known and in compliance with regulations.