Valeo in Egypt

Valeo has set up the largest Research & Software Development Center in Egypt. This R&D excellence center serves all Valeo Business Groups under one roof. The site develops 50% of the Group’s software production worldwide, exporting 100% of its services across the globe.


Established in 2005 as an offshore software development center, Valeo Egypt began its operations with only 25 engineers specializing in software validation and component development. In 2010, Valeo Egypt engineers started to take full ownership of the development cycle of software projects, which led the organization to grow into a global software Development excellence center. The software site quickly expanded to reach 1,000 engineers by 2016, serving the Valeo Group worldwide and leading global innovation initiatives.

VIAS (Valeo Internal Automotive Software Center) site now focuses on the design, development, and maintenance of embedded software modules for the automotive industry, with a human capital of over 2,000 skilled software engineers to date.

Job offers

Valeo Internal Automotive Software Center offers numerous opportunities to work on the development of the most advanced automotive software. We aim to attract the best calibers in software engineering who wish to grow their career in the automotive field. Our technical career paths include Software Development and Testing, in addition to growth in renowned fields such as Algorithms Development, Model-Based Design, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Growth opportunities in Business Management and Project Management careers are endless.

Learning & Development

Developing our employees’ full potential is one of the priorities of our Human Resources function. With this long-term vision in mind, we design plans for employee development through continuous training, as well as internal mobility in order to accelerate talent growth and promote Valeo Culture. Valeo has proudly been investing more than 100,000 learning hours for employees’ training & development on a yearly basis.

Our Technical Experts

Valeo offers a unique program that identifies employees with renowned expertise in their technical fields in order to pass on knowledge to their peers. Our Experts provide sustainable advanced technology solutions and innovative solutions to support new products and the development of industrial processes.

Our fields of expertise include Software Integration & Validation, Autosar, MBD Statemate/Matlab, Safety, Software Architecture, Automotive Networking, Neural Networks & Deep Learning, Process Improvement, Cyber Security, Digital Signal Processing, System Architecture and Simulation.

We place great emphasis on the recognition of our technical Experts in both product and process fields. 

Well-being at Valeo

Because we consider our employees our most valuable asset, we aim to create the space needed to support innovation at their day-to-day work environment. Valeo is keen on recognizing its key talents through incentive programs, as well as reinforcing a positive environment through many social, physical and engaging CSR activities.  We strongly believe in workplace diversity (gender, cultural, and generation diversity) as an essential tool for boosting outstanding performance and competitiveness. We support the inclusion of all.


Key figures at end 2023


Employees number


Largest R&D Software Development Center

Our activities

Since 2015, Valeo Egypt has been actively contributing to Valeo’s software innovation activities globally with more than 100 patent proposals, 23 new product developments and 60 proofs of concept, and has since then introduced an Innovation Car Lab in Cairo that delivers advanced automotive technology proofs of concept.

Valeo Egypt’s site now focuses on the design, development and maintenance of embedded software modules for the automotive industry, with a human capital of over 2,000 skilled software engineers to date.

Our aim is to provide our global customers innovative and strong validation solutions. The teams’ focus covers all software engineering activities and all project phases including not only development, but also testing and validation, delivering a large portfolio covering all of Valeo’s products to our automotive customers worldwide.

Valeo Egypt contributes strongly to Valeo’s global growth by providing software solutions to its four global Business Groups. Comfort and Driving Assistance (CDA), Powertrain Systems (PTS), Thermal Systems (THS) and Visibility Systems (VIS).

Engineering teams in Egypt are working on the latest mobility revolutions shaping the future of the automotive industry: Electric Cars, Automated Cars, and Digital Mobility. This involves the development of various software enabling innovative technologies such as Valeo Park4U – Automated parking, LED/Laser beam technologies, and Stop-Start

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team meeting in Egypt plant
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