PictureBeam® Monolithic adaptive headlights

A high definition beam of light on the road without ever blinding other road users. It projects information and images onto the pavement.

72% of fatal road accidents occur at night (ITALDA 2018), when visibility is considerably reduced and often the level of stress of the driver is higher. Lighting quality therefore plays a vital role in bringing down the number of accidents: better lighting means fewer accidents.
Valeo PictureBeam® Monolithic headlights provide to the driver an exceptional and unique anti-glaring function that will adapt precisely to the road situations and support his driving maneuver thanks to lighting communication.

What are adaptive driving beam headlights?

Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) headlights are an advanced automotive lighting technology designed to optimize road illumination while minimizing glare to oncoming traffic and preceding vehicles.

These intelligent systems automatically adjust the shape and intensity of the vehicle’s headlight beams in real-time, based on various factors such as the vehicle’s speed, steering input, and the presence of other road users detected by onboard sensors or cameras. By dimming the light beam that could otherwise blind other drivers or pedestrians, adaptive driving beam headlights enhance night-time driving safety and comfort for both the driver and other road users.

A precision lighting technology: each pixel acts independently

The Valeo PictureBeam® Monolithic technology enables the control of the intensity and flux of the light, which will be projected very precisely, since each pixel is managed individually in order to adjust the light and flux accordingly. The driver can constantly drive in high beams without generating any kind of discomfort for other drivers, pedestrians or cyclists. The system will automatically adjust the intensity of light on road signs to not disturb them.

Smart car headlights, a safe and stress-free communication tool

Valeo’s PictureBeam™ Monolithic not only renders visible but also enables communication.

Valeo PictureBeam™ Monolithic is the only technology on the market that combines high performance lighting with image projection, improving safety for all road users. The headlamps can project lines on the road that show the width of the vehicle and its trajectory, thus helping the driver negotiate road works, for instance.

Smart car headlamps can draw the curves of the road, announce the next turns, reproduce the road signs, offering improved safety and driving comfort to the driver. In the same manner, this smart car technology can project on the road turning intention, therefore facilitating communication with other users such as two wheelers.

The unmatched performance of Valeo’s PictureBeam™ Monolithic is revolutionising lighting: optimal visibility for the driver, while remaining mindful of the safety and comfort of other road users – motor vehicles and bikes, pedestrians and cyclists.

With this technology, Valeo won the Clepa innovation award of 2020 in the safety category.