Valeo anSWer

Valeo offers a Software Defined Vehicle to the automotive market and beyond

Valeo anSWer is an open, scalable and modular solution with the best in class application for all mobility players, middleware and services for customers!

The automotive industry is facing its biggest revolution as cars become more electric and more intelligent. To accommodate these new trends, cars include more software and car manufacturers are moving from a hardware-based architecture to a software-based architecture, the Software Defined Vehicle.

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    years of experience with embedded software solutions for safer, cleaner and affordable mobility,

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    of our 20 000 engineers are dedicated to software and systems.

Software is going to transform the car of the future by reinventing the car experience: always updated, optimised and customized to end-users’ needs – even after many years on the road. Our mission is to make this revolution happen by offering the best applications (ADAS, lighting, thermal or powertrain), hardware agnostic middleware and software services such as integration, validation and maintenance.

Group Vice President Software Defined Vehicle Product

Derek de Bono

Our services

Ready-to-use Apps and Functions

Ready-to-use Apps and Functions

Relying on Valeo’s recognized expertise in the fields of ADAS, intelligent lighting, electric powertrain and thermal management, Valeo anSWer includes best-in-class applications for all mobility players. Valeo is already a world leader in ADAS, providing the full stacks of perception, fusion, planning and a wide portfolio of proven driving and parking features.

vOS - Middleware / Operating System

vOS - Middleware / Operating System

Enabling communication between applications and the SOC, it ensures the system works as a whole. Valeo anSWer includes tailoring solutions for today’s connected vehicles to achieve best in class performance in terms of safety, cybersecurity and over-the-air updates. Valeo anSWer adopts an agnostic and unique open-source software approach, interfacing with the entire software ecosystem, with a broad range of operating systems, with all our customers and the main players of the automotive and tech industries.

Software integration and Services

Software integration and Services

Offering services of our experienced teams to support the OEMs in software architecture design, integration, validation, testing and maintenance.