Back up camera for trailer : Valeo XTraVue® Trailer

Valeo XtraVue® Trailer is a rear view camera system that enables drivers to see what is happening on the road behind the trailer by making the trailer virtually transparent. This back up camera allows the driver to tow with increased confidence on the road due to increased visibility.

Rear view camera reinforce safety on roads

First of its kind on the automotive camera market, Valeo XtraVue® Trailer is an innovation that enables drivers to see what is happening on the road behind their travel or camper trailer or caravan, by making it virtually transparent. Trailer reverse camera is an invaluable driving assistance system that makes vehicles easy to maneuver and safer to drive.

A camera system that uses real time video streams

The back up camera system uses video cameras fitted at the rear of a vehicle and at the rear of a trailer or caravan. Valeo XtraVue® trailer merges in real-time video streams from a camera on the towing vehicle and a camera on the rear of the trailer, generating an image in which the trailer appears to be transparent. This provides unprecedented confidence and safety when driving with a trailer by removing the blind spot behind it.

Our trailer rear view camera, leader in surround view systems

Valeo is a market leader for surround view automotive systems and related computer vision. Thanks to more than 15 years of expertise, Valeo reaches a unique image quality in all conditions, over the full temperature range and for the full system lifetime.