Valeo Group | 17 May, 2023 | 6 min

ZutaCore and Valeo present their new solution for cooling of data centers at Dell Technologies World 2023

From May 22 to 25, 2023 ZutaCore® and Valeo will be at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas on booth #1224 to present their new solution for more efficient and reliable direct-on-chip dielectric two-phase liquid cooling of data centers.

At CES in January 2023, Valeo and ZutaCore® announced an agreement to research and bring to market a new method of liquid cooling for the data centers. At Dell Technologies World, they are announcing the Zutacore® HyperCool® solution equipped with Valeo’s new 3U Water Heat Reuse Unit. It offers optimized reliability and performance of the servers thanks to a very high performance two-phase, dielectric liquid cooling of the chips for edge computing data centers.

Building on its considerable expertise in high-performance thermal systems, Valeo has developed a technology that maximizes both the efficiency and the reliability of data centers. Based on two-phase, direct-on-chip, dielectric liquid cooling, which is itself intelligently cooled by the building’s water circuit, the Zutacore® HyperCool® solution equipped with Valeo’s new 3U Water Heat Reuse Unit could consume up to five times less energy than air cooling solutions and unlock five times more computing power for a given volume.

The Valeo 3U Water Heat reuse compact cooling modules are easily integrated in the server and downtime and maintenance is reduced thanks to multiple redundancies and a new system of swappable modules, making it possible to replace the pumps without impacting the overall performance of the system.

Zutacore® HyperCool® equipped with Valeo’s new 3U Water Heat Reuse Unit reduces the carbon footprint of the data centers thanks to the low energy consumption of the cooling system and recovery of the heat dissipated by the servers for heating the building.

At ZutaCore®, we are committed to making net zero emissions a reality by developing innovative liquid cooling solutions for the data industry. Reducing energy, water, and land usage, as well as emphasizing recyclability and using sustainable materials, is critical for the data industry to achieve its net zero emissions goals“; said Udi Paret, President US ZutaCore®. “Together with the Valeo 3U Water Heat Reuse Unit that can support up to 78kW of rack power, ZutaCore® is proud to be at the forefront of sustainable dielectric liquid cooling solutions

Francisco Moreno, President of Valeo Thermal Systems Business Group said “today, data centers already account for 5% of the world’s electricity consumption, and they are experiencing double-digit growth. At Valeo, we are proud to work with our partner ZutaCore® and to leverage our extensive knowledge of thermal systems in automotive to provide innovative cooling solutions that make data centers more reliable, but also reduce their impact on the environment.