Innovation / Produits et Technologie | 16 Feb, 2022 | 2 min
  • #Electrification

14 months after unveiling its electric assistance technology for bikes, Valeo has its 14 first customers

Valeo has won the trust of 14 bicycle manufacturers for its electric assistance technology, currently the most high-performance available, combining efficiency, intelligence, comfort, robustness and ease of use.

Its customers include La Manufacture Française du Cycle (through its Sunn brand), Ateliers HeritageBike, VUF Bikes, Cycleurope and FUELL.

In December 2020, the Group announced that it was revolutionizing e-bike drivetrains with its 48V automatic gearbox system. Just over a year later, this major innovation in the new mobility landscape has taken another step forward: from May 2022, Valeo’s technology will enter series production. The order book should lead to the delivery of more than 100,000 units in 2024 to all customers.

The Group has adapted its 48V technological platforms, historically dedicated to the automotive industry, to the bicycle industry. Assembly will take place at the Isle d’Abeau plant (Isère, France).

Alongside the launch of e-bikes fitted with the Group’s 48V technology, Valeo will also make its expertise available in the aftermarket. To make it easier to service and maintain the drivetrain system, Valeo will roll out the necessary technical assistance to all the bike distribution networks chosen by bike manufacturers, wherever the Group’s customers are located.

Valeo 48 Volt automatic gearbox system

Valeo 48 Volt automatic gearbox system

The first of its kind, Valeo’s technology comprises a 48V electric motor and a seven-speed automatic, adaptive gearbox (developed in partnership with French company Effigear) in a single unit located in the pedal assembly. Valeo’s electric assistance system will be found on all types of bikes (including trekking bikes, mountain bikes and cargo bikes).

At a time when cities are being transformed to encourage low-carbon mobility – through zero-emission zones, investments in cycling infrastructure and the provision of car-share fleets – the electric bike is helping to transform urban transportation.

Whether it be small electric urban vehicles, electric motorcycles or scooters, autonomous last-mile delivery droids or e-bikes, Valeo is accelerating its growth in the new mobility markets.