Beamatic® xenon lighting

BeamAtic Premium Xenon, Glare Free High Beam.

Xenon lighting offers undisputed benefits in terms of safety. An independent study carried out in Germany showed that if all vehicles were fitted with Xenon headlamps, the number of night-time accidents on country roads would be reduced by 60%.

Nonetheless, even with Xenon headlamps, visibility remains limited due to the need to switch to dipped beam when approaching oncoming vehicles.

Valeo has therefore developed its BeamAtic Premium Xenon, which offers the comfort of driving in the equivalent of high-beam mode in all situations without dazzling other drivers.

To achieve this, a camera located at the top of the windshield monitors the road and determines the exact position of any vehicle approaching from ahead or being followed from behind.

The shape of the beam is adjusted dynamically according to this data so that the entire road is illuminated except the areas where vehicles have been detected.