In-vehicle Experience Displays

Curved Wide Display

Last update: 04 Aug. 2023

Product description

New Concept

  • Wide Curved Single Display
  • Seamless surface
  • Digital cluster + Central Information Display offering new layout opportunities

What are Valeo Curved Wide Display benefits?

  • Driver-oriented User Interface
  • Seamless Full Graphic Display
  • Encompassing Surface with Curved Design
  • Premium Aesthetics and High-Quality Materials

Valeo Curved Wide Display specifications

  • Large 28” wide display or 45-50” pilar to pilar display
  • 178° viewing angle
  • 3000 mm curvature radius
  • Full surface touch function using IR touch solution
  • Cold forming glass process with curved optical bonding

Unique Selling Points

  • Single large curved display
  • Concave or Convex display application with full optical bonding
  • Cluster & Central Information Display (CID) or Cluster only or CID only

Vehicle type

  • Passenger car
  • Bus
  • Robot taxi
  • Motorcycle
  • Droid
  • Off road

Wide-display Animation

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