Valeo Humpolec

Key figures end of October 2023

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The Humpolec site, the youngest facility of the Valeo Group in the Czech Republic, was established in 2002 and is one of the leaders in manufacturing compressors for air conditioning systems. This modern facility uses the latest technology for product manufacturing and assembly.

It emphasizes quality, teamwork and flexibility, andoffers self fulfillment opportunities and career development with a long-term perspectives for all employees. Currently it employs more than 800 employees and plans to increase the number.

Its customers include the world’s leading car manufacturers: Renault, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Mercedes, Toyota, Volvo. Nissan and others.

Currently the production plant is preparing the launch of compressors for electric vehicles.

Contact details

Valeo Compressor Europe, s.r.o..
Central Trade Park 1571
396 01
Humpolec Czech Republic
Tel. +420 565 505 111
Fax +420 565 505 112


Variable displacement compressor for A/C

Variable displacement compressor for A/C

Rotary vane compressor for A/C

Rotary vane compressor for A/C

Valeo Humpolec production site