Valeo Group | 8 Jul, 2020 | 5 min

Egyptian Engineers at Valeo developing R&D Software Solutions for Automotive World

Today, Valeo, the automotive supplier and a trusted partner to automakers worldwide, has 2200 talented Egyptian Engineers working daily out of Cairo’s Smart Village to deliver complex R&D software solutions to the automotive world. They are actively contributing to the development of the latest software solutions for cutting-edge technologies, in cooperation with all of Valeo’s R&D centers throughout the world. Their scope is to design, develop and maintain embedded software modules & systems for the automotive industry.

Cairo-based Valeo engineers have been actively developing various software that enables innovative technologies such as the Electric Supercharger, HUD, IMS, InBlue, Matrix Beam, Park4U, Range Extender Stator, SCALA™, Sensor Cleaning, and many more.

But the news doesn’t end here. Valeo Egypt’s software and R&D center as expanded into a second new office building in Smart Village, Cairo, during an opening ceremony led by Mr. Jacques Aschenbroich, Chairman and CEO of the Valeo Group, who was in Cairo to inaugurate the new office expansion. This has made Valeo Egypt the biggest R&D software development center in Egypt today!

The hard work and persistence that are being delivered by those talented engineers gives life to this advanced technology R&D hub. It is because of them that Valeo Egypt is now a successful entity and a recognized contributor to the Group’s Innovation strategy.

Valeo started in Egypt back in 2005 with only 25 people. During the past 15 years, Valeo Egypt engineers have supported the Group’s growth on a global scale. They are key contributors to the development of the fast growing R&D center in Cairo. This evident success helped Valeo Egypt become the Group’s main software development center and the largest one in Egypt today.

Valeo has long been a well-recognized automotive leader in intuitive driving technologies. Through their partnerships with prominent international automotive brands, Valeo software engineers are always keen on developing technologies that offer their clients total comfort and quality performance.

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