In 2017, Valeo broke new ground with its affordable 48-Volt low-voltage mobility electrification system that can easily be implemented on existing vehicles. This technology can be used for the mild hybridization of passenger cars. It can also be used for small, full-electric urban vehicles, such as three-wheelers, scooters, bicycles and delivery droids. This technology meets the needs of urban mobility for the easy transportation of goods and persons, without any CO2 emissions. This system is also less complex than high-voltage electrification solutions. It does not require any specific safety equipment, which means that the maintenance operations are easier.

Valeo offers a complete range of solutions


Valeo supplies this technology to a European carmaker for a small 100%-electric urban vehicle that has been available on the market since 2020. This technology is used in a three-wheeler in India, a three-wheeled scooter in a south-east Asian country and a prototype delivery droid in China since 2021. The Group has also adapted its 48-Volt technology to bicycles. The Valeo CycleeTM, which was world premiered in December 2020, will revolutionize electrically-assisted bikes. This is the first electric assistance system for bikes that automatically and immediately adapts itself to the riding style and the needs of the cyclist. The effort applied to the pedals can be multiplied by eight, avoiding any waste of energy and optimal comfort under all circumstances, because the bike changes gears automatically.