HydroConnect™, Source of Performance

Trust the Wiper Systems Specialist

HydroConnectTM is the new range 100% flat blade dedicated for the aftermarket.

HydroConnectTM features two categories:

  • “Multi-Connection” covering front and rear O.E. flat blades,
  • “upgrade” covering hook arms.

Valeo has leveraged its strong O.E. expertise to deliver a top quality wiper blade that addresses key needs on the market.


  • Innovative with its new rear multi-connection system.
  • Smart, offering an easy fitting with its Plug & Drive multi-connection.
  • Technological, featuring an excellent wiping performance for a perfect visibility.
  • Evolutive, ready to cover the upcoming applications with no additional part numbers.
  • Efficient, using the O.E. long lasting rubber and asymmetrical spoiler technology.