Interactive surfaces in the automotive industry

Interactive surfaces inside of vehicles enhance the driving experience and contribute to shaping the future of smarter mobility.

Improving the human-machine interface for a seamless experience on board.
Valeo displays and smart surfaces are the result of a well balanced research between intuitivity, style, comfort and performance.
The interactive surface solutions developed by Valeo for the automotive industry help reconcile the ever-increasing number of functions available with the need for a fluid and intuitive interaction with the vehicle.

Displays and tactile solutions to stay focused on the road

Using the TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) technology, Valeo develops a full range of digital controls and instrument clusters.

Implemented with the haptic feedback technology, our touch screens help the occupants to keep their eyes on the road, while interacting easily and intuitively with the vehicle. These tactile surfaces helps creating a new connective user experience for drivers. Our modular approaches provide solutions for all vehicle types, from entry-level right up to “premium” level.

Smart surfaces for an intuitive interaction in the car

To always ensure a smooth and intuitive Human-to-Machine interaction, Valeo proposes multiple car interaction technologies, including push button, rotary knob, capacitive proximity sensors, infrared movement detection, etc.

The smart faceplates solutions developed by Valeo offer seamless integration of interactive surfaces made in different materials like wood, cork, stone and all display system types.

We offer a very wide choice of decorative techniques to car makers, depending on the desired effect: paint, tampo printing, chrome plating, laser etching, multi-injection, film application, “piano black” effect, etc.