In certain specific and predefined situations (geographies, types of roads, weather conditions, etc.), the vehicle is totally autonomous. The vehicle moves automatically in the longitudinal and lateral axes and the driver does not have to keep their eyes on the road or supervise the vehicle. If it is necessary for the driver to take back control, the vehicle sends a signal and puts itself in safety if the driver does not respond.

In 2018, the Group unveiled Valeo Drive4U, which is capable of driving autonomously in urban settings. The demonstrator is capable of coping with traffic, junctions and road signs, pedestrians, road works and even obstacles. Valeo was behind a historical world premier, because Valeo Drive4U was the first demonstrator worldwide to drive autonomously in a city, in Paris.

Valeo also equips robotaxis. The Group has invested in the Navya start-up, which develops autonomous shuttles. In partnership with Meituan, Valeo has also developed a 100% autonomous and electric delivery droid.