Phone As A Key, your secure car key on a smartphone

Unlocking and starting your car with your smartphone? Valeo makes it possible. Valeo's Phone As A Key solution allows you to use a smartphone as a secure digital key to unlock and start your car. By 2030, it’s expected that half of all drivers will use their phone as a key.

What is Valeo’s Phone As A Key technology?

While some digital key solutions already exist, they require using an application to unlock the vehicle’s doors or placing the smartphone on the door handle.

With Valeo Phone As A Key, there is no need to use an application. The smartphone is in your pocket or bag and communicates securely with the car. As soon as the smartphone is close to the vehicle, the door unlocks automatically and quickly. Once in the car, simply press the start button.

Valeo’s Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS) system is similar as it uses a secure wireless communication system. However, the system works with a key fob which sends signals to the car.

The Valeo key fob is contained in the smartphone. The digital key can easily be shared with family or friends, can be used for fleet management or car sharing services, and it simplifies life without compromising security. It is also possible to give temporary access to a service provider, opening the trunk of the car for a delivery, for example.

How does the key technology work?

The Valeo Phone As A Key (PAAK) solution uses Bluetooth technology as a means of access control unlike the Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) technology, which uses an application. PAAK uses Ultra Wide Band (UWB), Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC (Near Field Communication) as its technology foundation, and the solution is compliant with the Car Connectivity Consortium specifications to guarantee standard compatibility and security between the car and the smartphone. If the battery of the smartphone is dead, the phone’s NFC capabilities enable it to still unlock the door and start the engine in complete security.


By 2030, 50% of end-customers will be using phone as a key.