Smart Steering Wheel Hub

“Eyes on the road, hands on the steering wheel” approach for a safe and intuitive experience.

Smart steering wheel help reducing the risk of driver distraction

Intelligent steering wheel controls help the drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel, while interacting easily and intuitively with the vehicle. Hands-on detection, based on an innovative technology that is now in production, is specially adapted to both manual and automated driving phases, and to switching from one to the other.

Steering Wheel Switches

Valeo has combined different technologies to offer a range of reconfigurable steering wheel controls, giving access to 15 functions from just 5 or 6 controls, such as interactive surfaces, buttons, wheels, placed on either side of the steering wheel. The controls are easy and quick to access for safe driving.

Steering Wheel Electronics & Hands on/off Detection

Valeo also offers to customers an innovative and patented solution to detect hands on/off the steering wheel. Based on advanced sensors and electronics, our system is the only one to provide an easy integration and adaptation on steering wheels following customers’ specifications.