Valeo Group | 15 Jun, 2023 | 5 min

Valeo at Eurobike 2023

From June 21 to 25, Valeo will be presenting at Eurobike 2023 in Frankfurt (Germany), Valeo Cyclee, its innovative 48V electric assistance system for all types of bicycles, perfectly in phase with a market undergoing radical transformation

Valeo will have a booth in Halle 9.2 (C30) and will also be in the outdoor demonstration area (F12-E07).

Valeo has started the deliveries to its clients and feedback confirms that Valeo Cyclee offers outstanding performances for a wide range of uses, including on cargo, trekking or mountain bikes.

During Eurobike, Valeo will be putting connectivity in the spotlight alongside its partner Velco, by unveiling the latest models of innovative, top-of-the-range connected bikes from European and American brands. The collaboration between Valeo and Velco – revealed last year at Eurobike – is being strengthened to rethink the electric bike of tomorrow, by increasing cyclist safety, bike security and bike life span for a better riding experience. FUELL will be the first American brand to benefit from Valeo and Velco’s partnership and will showcase its bikes on Valeo’s booth during Eurobike.

Since unveiling this major innovation for the new mobility landscape in December 2020, Valeo has won the trust of more than 25 clients, including key bicycle manufacturers such as Ateliers HeritageBike, Ultima, Mubea, VUF Bikes, Cycleurope and FUELL.

Valeo Cyclee is the first to offer a single module, fitted within the pedal assembly, integrating a 48V electric motor, an automatic gearbox – developed in partnership with French company Effigear – and predictive software enabling the assistance system to instantly adapt to the cyclist’s riding style and needs. Intelligent, easy to use, and quick to operate, Valeo’s electric assistance system for bikes, complete with its gearbox, is the bicycle equivalent of the automatic transmission in latest-generation cars.

New technology requires new support for the market. Valeo took an all-encompassing approach in the design of this innovation, leveraging its aftermarket expertise to deliver a tailored service to bike distributors, making the user experience for people riding bicycles fitted with the Valeo Cyclee 48V solution even more fluid. Valeo’s Cyclee after sales support is now available in all European countries.

Valeo Cyclee has won a CES 2023 Innovation Award and the Special jury prize at the LR66 Automobile Awards 2022.

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