Innovation / Produits et Technologie | 22 Jun, 2021 | 2 min

Valeo equips 250 commuter shuttles for employees with its anti-Covid-19 technology

Valeo is equipping 250 commuter shuttles for employees with its technology that eliminates bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19. The system will ensure that over 25,000 of its employees across 12 countries can commute to and from work in optimum health and safety conditions.

The shuttles operate in the Americas (Mexico and Brazil), Asia (India, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand) and Europe (Spain, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Turkey).

The Valeo UV air purifier is currently the world’s most powerful air sterilization system for bus and coach cabins, eliminating more than 95% of viruses, including Covid-19. Its effectiveness against SARS‑CoV‑2 has been scientifically proven by the Frankfurt University Hospital and the German Institute for Laser Technologies in Medicine and Metrology at the University of Ulm (ILM).

It is compatible with buses and coaches of all types and sizes, air-conditioned or not, and can equip new vehicles or those already on the road. The Valeo UV Purifier’s ultraviolet ray technology works as both a bactericide and a germicide, killing microbes, viruses and pathogens. Valeo has created a unique “light labyrinth” solution through which the air flows. The purifying rays remain firmly inside the device so that passengers are never exposed to them.

Valeo is a world leader in vehicle air treatment systems. Improving air quality aims to make mobility safer, which is one of the Group’s key innovation focuses.

For Valeo, protecting the health and safety of its employees is a top priority. All Valeo sites worldwide – plants, R&D centers and head offices – apply a reinforced health protocol, and its highly demanding requirements help to control the spread of the virus.

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The Valeo UV Purifier was named as the year’s top innovation in Germany by the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie – the German association of automotive manufacturers and leading automotive suppliers) on World Creativity and Innovation Day 2021 on April 21, 2021.