Innovation / Produits et Technologie | 26 Sep, 2017 | 5 min

Valeo innovations for commercial vehicles


Valeo innovations for commercial vehicles:  reduced running costs, enhanced safety and comfort

I. Serving the transportation industry through electrification and thermal management

  • Valeo’s 48V belt-driven starter-alternator
  • Active Grille Shutters: regulating air flow to generate savings
  • Valeo compressors for trucks
  • HVAC
  • Optimum Li-ion battery cooler

II. Safety, comfort and well-being:  three key components to operational efficiency in transportation

  • Remote Clean4U™, remote windshield defrosting and debugging
  • Full LED lighting systems
  • V2X technology
  • The Valeo Minisphere rooftop air conditioner
  • The Valeo Thermo E heating unit
  • Modular, contactless switches

III. Appendix

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