Valeo Group | 24 Jun, 2024 | 6 min

Valeo Martos, a symbol of the Group’s commitment to reducing water consumption

The Valeo Martos site in Andalusia, Spain, has committed to a plan to reduce its water consumption by 75% by 2026, compared with 2022. One of the Group's many actions in this area has enabled it to obtain an A rating from CDP Water for the first time in 2023.


Water is a major issue everywhere, but here more than anywhere else because we’re in a very dry region,” explains Carmen Bartolomé, the site’s efficiency manager. “That’s why we launched a vast water reduction plan two years ago, which will enable us to reduce the site’s consumption by 75%. This plan is part of our wider commitment to the circular economy.”

There are three key actions in this project,” explains Manuel Montoro, Head of Industrial Projects.

  1. Replacing the old air-conditioning system, which uses a lot of water, with a new mechanical compression system that operates in a closed circuit and means that water is no longer wasted and can be reused. This project is almost complete.
  2. Recovering water used in our industrial operations to be recycled, treated and then reused for our own industrial needs.
  3. Installing tanks on the roof to capture rainwater.

In a region as dry as ours, this project is a significant success.”

For Site Director Manuel Sanchez Gijon, who also heads up all Valeo activities in Spain, the initiative is “a concrete example of the fusion of our spirit of innovation, our environmental responsibility and our constant determination to be more efficient, more respectful of our planet and committed to a cleaner future.”

Since 2008, Valeo’s total water consumption relative to sales has decreased by 60%. Over the last five years, the Group has reduced its water consumption by 18% in absolute terms. Sites exposed to the risk of water stress are subject to reinforced measures and monitoring in order to significantly reduce their needs and their local impact on water resources. The Group is also committed to ending the use of groundwater for industrial purposes by 2025.

For all its actions to reduce water consumption, Valeo was awarded an A rating by CDP Water for the first time in 2023.

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