Valeo Group | 23 May, 2019

Car electrification: A major ecological stake

Climate change and air pollution in large cities are leading to a tightening of national and regional regulations. The city of Beijing in China, for instance, has banned the use of the most polluting cars during pollution peaks. Several cities in Europe will ban the circulation of diesel vehicles by 2025. Valeo, a leader in electrification, already develops and offers innovative technologies today that emit less CO2

Electrify means of transport: Valeo technologies

  • Optimization of combustion engines. To make vehicles more environmentally friendly, Valeo offers transmission automation thanks to, among other things, double-clutch transmissions. The Group has also developed other innovative solutions for cars and other types of vehicles such as the alternator-starter, which provides the Stop-Start function, and the electric supercharger.
  • Low and medium voltage technologies. Among them, the 48V engine, which allows the electrification of the powertrain, and is suitable for electric or rechargeable hybrid models. The competitive price of this technology offers an unprecedented solution to increase the use of electric vehicles.
  • High power electrification solutions. Voltage higher than 60V for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles also plays a significant role in reducing CO2 In addition to the electric engine itself, the Valeo Siemens eAutomotive joint venture produces components that can fully integrate propulsion systems: an on-board charger for the battery, a DC / DC converter, and an inverter to control the engine.
  • Thermal management solutions for the battery. The vehicle electrification is not solely based on the development of electric technologies. Controlling the temperature of the batteries, creating heating and air conditioning systems with low energy consumption are also part of the range of decisive solutions to help democratize automotive electrification. Valeo is a world leader in battery cooling systems, essential to their longevity and performance.
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Did you know?

Pioneer and world number one in vehicle electrification, Valeo fits one in every three cars worldwide with electrical systems for reducing CO2 emissions.

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