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Our strategy

As a global automotive supplier and technology company, Valeo is at the heart of an industry experiencing rapid change. As the world population grows, the stakes have never been higher to tackle questions surrounding mobility and the impact our transportation has on both our daily lives and the environment. In response, we focus on 2 key areas:

1. Innovation

CO₂ reduction

Both consumers and regulators are looking for greener solutions for cars. Worldwide CO₂ legislation proposes ambitious objectives for the future, and consumers are increasingly asking for more environmentally-friendly options. We focus on developing innovative technology and systems that reduce fuel consumption in cars and increase efficiency, while keeping the pleasure of driving.

Examples of our CO₂ emission-reduction solutions

  • Close-up image of an engineer concentrated on electronic assembling on the foregroundStop-Start system: Valeo was the first supplier to offer customers this system that automatically shuts the engine off when a vehicle is at a standstill, saving as much as 15% in fuel consumption in dense urban traffic
  • Mild-hybrid technology (48V): Valeo is working on innovative hybrid solutions that require less fuel consumption and lead to lower CO₂ emissions
  • Electric Supercharger: improves vehicle performance by up to 27% without increasing fuel consumption

Intuitive driving

Valeo creates solutions and technology for intuitive driving: an enhanced driving experience using connected technology. Our intuitive driving innovations increase safety, improve the energy efficiency of cars, and make the driving experience more comfortable and pleasurable.

Examples of our intuitive driving solutions

  • Driving assistance systems: Valeo offers a range of smart technologies that improve vehicle safety and comfort such as through the detection of obstacles and other vehicles, automated parking systems and technology that provides an aerial view of the vehicle
  • Highly automated driving: we are designing intuitive human-machine interfaces that incorporate the benefits of autonomous driving

2. Geographic expansion

Global automotive production is shifting from the western world to Asia. In fact, Asia now represents over 50% of vehicle production. China is at the heart of this shift, and is the world’s biggest producer of automobiles. Valeo is committed to attracting new customers and winning market share in high-growth potential regions such as China, while continuing to expand in Asia and grow in mature regions such as Western Europe and North America.

Actions for our growth plan:

  • Bangkok skyline, Thailand.Accelerating growth in high-potential regions (Asia and emerging countries)
  • Building up new production capacities locally to meet surging demand in new markets
  • By 2020, Asia should account for more than a third of our original equipment sales, with China accounting for 20%