Valeo Group | 18 Apr, 2019 | 2 min

2019 Shanghai Auto Show – Valeo showcases ground-breaking mobility of the future solutions

At the 18th Shanghai international Auto Show, Valeo unveils its latest innovations from 18 to 25 April 2019, with the theme “Create a better life”.

At Shanghai Auto Show, the public can discover Valeo’s latest solutions to address the three revolutions currently reshaping the sector: electrification, autonomous and connected vehicles and digital mobility. These revolutions are not just technological: they are transforming our lives. Electrification, for instance, is a megatrend totally changing the paradigm of the city, in which Valeo and China are both world leaders. More than half of all electric vehicles sales worldwide last year were in China and by 2025, it wants one out of five vehicles sold in the country to be electric. Valeo, meanwhile, is a world leader in electrification: globally, one out of three vehicles feature its electrical systems.

In Shanghai, the Group is, for the first time, demonstrating a ground-breaking innovation: a reversible charger that enables electric vehicles to send surplus power back to the grid, using Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology. That’s not all: the reverse charger makes it possible to send electricity to a specific electric device, thanks to Vehicle to Load (V2L) technology. Beyond the anecdote, this is a major step forward for electricity storage and management. There is currently no solution to store unused energy and power is intermittent – you either have too much of it or not enough. By becoming an integral part of the power grid, electric vehicles can address both issues since vehicles are constantly delivering low voltage to the grid. Reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality also remain a major concern in Chinese cities: 65% of respondents to a recent local study use personal protection against pollution in their car cabin. In Shanghai, Valeo’s demo car is showcasing an intelligent solution to detect and neutralize harmful pollutants inside a vehicle: dynamic digital monitoring of cabin air quality that can measure pollution levels, take preventive measures and anticipate maintenance. Whilst initially designed to address local issues, all the innovations Valeo is showcasing in Shanghai are relevant for every area where rapid urbanization is driving a need for clean mobility solutions.