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Valeo Smart Safety 360

Last update: 09 Jul. 2024

Product description

Drawing on Valeo’s hardware and software expertise, Valeo Smart Safety 360 is a turnkey driver assistance system (ADAS), offering a wide range of safety as well as driving and parking assistance functions.

With the smart front camera used as the system’s central computer, Valeo Smart Safety 360 is an integrated and affordable system approach, connecting ultrasonic sensors, radars, and a camera for driver monitoring functionality.

Valeo Smart Safety 360 allows to scale from entry (GSR only) up to advanced Level 2+ features with a common design, keeping the same vehicle architecture. This enables OEMs to optimize costs and efficiency by removing individual ECUs, while having a limited impact on the vehicle architecture.

Valeo is a market leader in the front camera business with a worldwide footprint and customer base, and more than 20 million Front Cameras sold.

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What are Valeo Smart Safety 360 benefits?

  • Turnkey system with minimal architecture impact
  • Scalable design for cost optimal solution
  • Compliant with GSR and NCAP requirements
  • Integrating driving and parking assistance features
  • Integrating DMS/DVR features

Valeo Smart Safety 360 specifications

  • Mobileye based computer vision EQ4 or EQ6
  • 100° or 120° field of view
  • 1.7 or 8 Mpx imager resolution
  • Scalable MCU family
  • Up to 5 77GHz radar sensors
  • Up to 12 ultrasonic sensors

Unique selling points

  • One stop shop for the complete ADAS system
  • Best driving and parking performance in a scalable 1-box solution
  • Very affordable system by removing ECUs (e.g. parking, DMS)
  • Scalable from Entry to Level 2+
  • Parking based on Valeo ultrasonic system
  • Enabling cost and weight saving in the harness

Vehicle type

  • Passenger car
  • Bus
  • Truck
  • Robot taxi
  • Motorcycle
  • Bike
  • Droid
  • Off road

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