Digital mobility: a societal challenge

To remain at the forefront of developments in the automotive sector, as well as profound changes in society, Valeo is engaged in an active open innovation strategy with different partners - from other big names in the industry, to laboratories, universities or innovative start-ups that offer new services.

Valeo Voyage XR: an immersive and digital mobility experience

When technologies make digital mobility easier

  • Mov’InBlue: Developed by Valeo, this reservation and smart fleet management solution is unique. A connected, secure and interoperable system of shared mobility (that allows drivers to unlock a vehicle with a smartphone), it optimizes fleet vehicles’ utilization rate and creates additional sources of revenue.
  • Fleet management with Kuantic: in partnership with the machine-to-machine (M2M) and telematics solutions distributor, Valeo has developed a fully digital car-sharing solution that combines Mov’InBlue with the KUANTIC box and platform that operates all the vehicles’ data in real time. Vehicles can be managed remotely, personalized alerts can flag any anomalies and a digital key allows secure sharing and better fleet management.
  • Valeo Oxy’Zen: for the comfort of all vehicle users, this smart thermal system makes it possible to adjust the “climate” of a vehicle’s cabin (temperature, air conditioning, etc.) to each passenger’s requirements, whilst also purifying the air inside at the same time, (Oxy’Zen offers 99.8% protection against fine particles and toxic gases) and creating a personalized olfactory ambiance.
  • Valeo MyMobius and CloudMade. Valeo MyMobius is a unique solution that transforms the relationship between driver and vehicle. This human-machine interface combines Valeo technologies and predictive solutions developed by CloudMade, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Valeo MyMobius learns from drivers’ habits to anticipate their needs, customize the onboard environment and enhance safety. The data collected and processed in the cloud is used to activate vehicle functions without the need for user intervention.

Digital mobility: Valeo technologies in videos

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