Valeo Group | 23 May, 2019 | 5 min

Digital mobility: a societal challenge

To remain at the forefront of developments in the automotive sector, as well as profound changes in society, Valeo is engaged in an active open innovation strategy with different partners – from other big names in the industry, to laboratories, universities or innovative start-ups that offer new services.

Valeo Voyage XR: an immersive and digital mobility experience

When technologies make digital mobility easier

  • Mov’InBlue: This unique digital car sharing solution has been created by Valeo and enables better fleet management by optimizing fleet vehicles’ utilization rate. This offer is available through Kuantic, Valeo’s partnering start-up on the topic.
  • Valeo Oxy’Zen: for the comfort of all vehicle users, this smart thermal system makes it possible to adjust the “climate” of a vehicle’s cabin (temperature, air conditioning, etc.) to each passenger’s requirements, whilst also purifying the air inside at the same time, (Oxy’Zen offers 99.8% protection against fine particles and toxic gases) and creating a personalized olfactory ambiance.

Digital mobility: Valeo technologies in videos

Discover Valeo Oxy'Zen technology

Valeo CloudMade

Valeo XtraVue

Valeo Connectivity Solutions

Automated Valet Parking


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