Vojtěch Udatný – Industrial Engineer

Vojtěch Udatný

Industrial Engineer, Žebrák production plant

What high school or university did you study? When did you finish the studies?

Vojtěch Udatný – I started to profile already in high school when I started secondary industrial school of mechanical engineering. In the field I continued at the university, Czech technical university in Prague, first at the bachelor’s studies, and then at master studies with the state examination.

What is your current position?

V. U. – After graduating from school I joined Valeo in the project team for the position of Industrial Engineer. I’m in charge of the process of production of new products which will be introduced into serial production.

Did you know Valeo Žebrák before you signed up to the selection procedure? How did you find out about job opportunities in Valeo?

V. U. – I started looking for a job by filling out a profile on the work server and on this basis I began to be addressed as employment agencies with a variety of offerings work. Valeo I marginally knew, but specifically Valeo Žebrák not.

What did you have to fulfill to get the current position?

V. U. – I participated in several tenders for several rounds, in the case of Valeo have been two rounds directly in Valeo and one in the staffing agency. I did not set up specifically, I hoped that the school gave me the necessary foundation and Valeo provide me from the beginning the support that the graduate needs and will help him to fully adapt to a working deployment. All these factors brought together. And so I got into Valeo, where I am still working.

How does your typical working day look like?

V. U. – There is nothing such as a “typical” working day. Almost every day there is something new. Work here is creative – the design of new instruments, modification of existing equipment, set up the entire manufacturing process, etc., also responsible – ensure and control the running of the pre-production, negotiations with suppliers, negotiations with colleagues on the technical solutions.

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in the company?

V. U. – I came to Valeo having in mind that I don’t know anything. After the onset to get it confirmed – actually, I didn’t know which end is up. I think I pretty quickly managed to get to work deeper and deeper. Just I regard this as a success, which I hope isn’t over yet and I will continue to develop.

How do you like the environment where you work? What would you improve or change?

V. U. – During school field trips and part-time jobs, I had the opportunity to visit a lot of manufacturing enterprises and the environment maintained in Valeo belongs definitely to those above the average. The disadvantage is the wider open space. On the other hand there are a lot of young people working here, who are open to assistance and communication, therefore, from this point of view there are not fundamental barriers to work.

Can you see area for your career growth in the company?

V. U. – I can say that I’m an ambitious person and I’m sure in my future. I don’t know the exact reason, but something inside me it pulls to the management. I feel that this path here is open, as well as the possibility of business travel abroad for a longer period of time, which I used only for a few months and such a foreign experience is missing to me. But now I’m focusing on the current job, to get it fully learned.