Josef Váňa – Head of the press shop

Josef Váňa

Head of the press shop, Rakovník production plant

What did you have to fulfill to get the current position?

Josef Váňa – I applied to the program for college students “Manager shadowing programme” during the fourth year at the University in 2000. After this practice I was offered the position of trainee in the department of technology. After completion of my studies I accepted an offer for full employment in the technology department as a Technologist of new projects. Two years later, I gained the opportunity to become the head of the department of manufacturing systems (Valeo production system). My main responsibility was the expansion of the plant, setting up of information and material flows, which operate to this day. Since 2010 I work as the head of the mill with full responsibility for industrialization, technology, and production with the team, which includes around 100 people.

What is your typical working day?

J. V. – My work is very diverse. Every working day is different in the following solved problems and the development of the strategy. I lead a very separate working team, which ensures the production of components for HVAC units. I can count always with them. Personally, I’m not tied up to any fixed order. I dedicate mainly to the development of the press shop, planning for its extension and use of new technologies into production. In the nearest future we are planning to expand our production capacity and for this purpose it is necessary to well prepare all the details.

What do you consider your biggest work achievement during your career?

J. V. – The press shop in Rakovník became for the last few years a benchmark within the Valeo Group. Immodestly, may I say that we are also one of the best press shops in the whole Czech Republic, mainly due to: the use of new technologies of injection molding, quality control, production planning and material flow. In 2015, we obtained a globally second place on the development of technologies from the company Engel.

How do you like the environment where you work? What would you improve or change?

J. V. – I work in an exceptional team, who stick together even during the biggest crises related to production or customer satisfaction. I go to work very happy, even though I should be available 24/7 if needed and I had to limit my hobbies. What concerns the working environment, to the production area is not allowed no one without protective equipment, safety shoes, and coats.

Can you see area for your career growth in the company?

J. V. – Even after 20 years in Valeo I think I still have where to develop. Valeo is my first employer and I believe that there are still many years in various management positions.