David Jirák – Industrial and Process Engineer

David Jirák

Industrial and Process Engineer, Humpolec production plant

Why did you join Valeo?

David Jirák – Already at the beginning of studies at the technical university I was looking for a job as a trainee, to gather experience in the course of the study. There was an opportunity to enter for the position of trainee in the department of process engineering, which I accepted without hesitation. After graduating from university I wanted my experiences improve and deepen and that’s why I stayed in Valeo at the position of process engineer.

Is it important for you to work in a growing international company?

D. J. – Absolutely. It is a unique opportunity for professional growth together with international companies.

Is it important for You to contribute to a better automotive world?

D. J. – Yes, it is a honor for me to be a part of the Valeo group, which significantly contributes to improving the quality and innovation of products in the automotive industry.

Could you please describe your mission in Valeo?

D. J. – My job is to solve the problems associated with serial production and the last time, mainly industrialization, i.e. the development and installation of new technical equipment and machine lines.

What are the main skills and knowledge required for your job?

D. J. – For this type of employment are necessary technical knowledge of the field machining, technical materials and standards, design or, for example, quality. Work in a team and cooperate with other departments is an integral part of the requirements for this position.

Could you describe your daily job?

D. J. – Optimization of existing production processes and their subsequent innovation together with the work on industrial projects represent the further growth of the company Valeo Humpolec in the following years.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

D. J. – The challenge is for me to involvement in any new project that is related with the development of the company Valeo.

Which success are you the most proud of?

D. J. – I’m proud of every completed task, whether it is a complete installation of a processing line or the fulfilment of smaller sub-tasks associated with the normal operation of the company.

What would you say about Valeo to a potential candidate?

D. J. – Don’t worry and overcome the initial fear of something new. Valeo has many opportunities, how you can make use of your talent and realize your professional goals. You can learn the amazing world of the automotive industry in a growing international company.