Martin Onderka – Product Engineer

Martin Onderka

Product Engineer, Žebrák production plant

What high school or university did you study? When did you finish the studies?

Martin Onderka – I am still studying last year of master’s studies at the university of West Bohemia in Pilsen, field Commercial electrical engineering. Since February of this year I transferred from the position of the trainee to the full-time employment, it remains only to deal with thesis on that I’m working here in Valeo, and in June the state examination.

What is your current position?

M. O. – I work in the R&D department as a P0 Product Engineer.

Did you know Valeo Žebrák before you signed up to the selection procedure? How did you find out about job opportunities in Valeo?

M. O. – Yes, I knew Valeo before I took on a trainee position. I found out about the vacant position from my brother, who worked at that time here.

What did you have to fulfill to get the current position?

M. O. – On the selection procedure I prepared with my brother, who explained to me what products Valeo provides and how these products work. The selection procedure for the position of trainee was going fine, I was talking with my future superiors, with whom I discuss a few technical and organizational things. On current position I didn’t get another interview.

How does your typical working day look like?

M. O. – Work on interesting projects, arranging and evaluating the various tests, exploring materials, learning new technologies, presentation.

What do you consider as your biggest work achievement?

M. O. – We’ll see what happens to the thesis, on which I work.

How do you like the environment where you work? What would you improve or change?

M. O. – In our department we have a relatively young team, so there is a very friendly atmosphere. With colleagues we engage in various sporting activities, in which Valeo supports us, which is great. The working environment here is at a very good level, I’m dealing with new technologies and procedures.

Can you see area for your career growth in the company?

M. O. – Career growth in Valeo definitely works, for the two years that I’ve been working here, a lot of my colleagues moved to a higher position. I want to learn to work on my current position, which I’m sure will take some time, then I’ll think where to move further. The opportunity to travel is also here, not only for short business trips, but also for long-term employment in another plant of the Valeo Group around the world.