Danijela Krekešić – Software Design Engineer

Danijela Krekešić

Software Design Engineer, Automated Parking Systems, Prague R&D center

Why did you decide to work for Valeo?

Danijela Krekešić – Interest into automotive industry in general got my attention, but the fact that Valeo offered me to work on a very interesting project with many possibilities for further development of my skills made my final decision so simple. I am proud to be a part of a great team as well as part of Valeo.

Is it important for you to work for a growing international company?

D. K. – Working in an international company gives me a possibility to collaborate with colleagues from different fields, with different skills and experiences. It is a valuable experience that I could not get in any other way.

Is it important for you to participate in the development of the automotive industry?

D. K. – I’ve always been amazed with an automotive industry – from outside it looks so simple – every driver has heard for automatic parking, cruise control, autonomous car… But I’ve always wanted to know more about what stands behind it and I want to contribute to development of such systems.

Could you describe your mission?

D. K. – To be able to participate in the project both in technical and organizational way, using my full potential and making our products every day even better.

Which qualities and skills are required for your job?

D. K. – It is important to be able to organize yourself in a good way and work independently, but also to be a team player and cooperate within the team. In addition, it is also important to be willing to learn new things every day.

How would you describe your daily job?

D. K. – My daily job consists of developing and improving our parking systems. Sometimes it is mostly programming, sometimes research how to improve something.

What is the most challenging in your job?

D. K. – The fact that everything can always be done better and that there is always some small place for improvement makes my job challenging. Improvement of every single detail makes our final product a bit better in the end.

What are your greatest achievements in the company?

D. K. – I find it is still too early to talk about my greatest achievements. I would prefer to say that I’m still learning a lot and improving my knowledge in order to be able to make greater achievements in the future.

What would you say about Valeo to a potential candidate?

D. K. – Valeo offers interesting positions in many different projects. But what’s common for every position: interesting job, new technologies, great team and amazing atmosphere.